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About the Vote

List of Propositions

Margin of Error

About the Author

Headlines with a short description

Proposition 1:             Breast Feeding

Proposition 2:             Man-boobs

Proposition 3:             Nude nine-year-old boy

Proposition 4:             Boobless Topless Woman

Proposition 5:             Pubic Hair – male

Proposition 6:             Pubic Hair – Female

Proposition 7:             old-person in a thong

Proposition 8:             Man in a thong

Proposition 9:             Poop hole

Proposition 10:           Speedos

Proposition 11:           Nude baby

Proposition 12:           Topless Female Child

Proposition 13:           Nipple Erections

Proposition 14:           Nude Child

Proposition 15:           Topless Woman

Proposition 16:           Nude Adult

Proposition 17:           The Consequences of a Town Policy of ‘Tops-Optional in all public swimming places’:

Proposition 17a                       On Tourism

Proposition 17b:                     On Business Activity

Proposition 17c:                      On Property Values

Proposition 17d:                     On Family Life

Proposition 17e:                      On Pride in One’s Community

Proposition 17f:                      On chances of getting laid

Calculation of the relative size of any proposed designated area.

Table of Vote Results

Table(s) of Propositions Ranked by Emotional Content (Table(s) of Hot-Button Issues)

Sample Vote Ballot

Voter Age Distribution

General Voter Comments on the Vote in its Entirety

Researcher's Affidavit

Non-Scientific Section Number 1: Anecdotal Observations and Questions for Future Research

Non-Scientific Section Number 2: This author's short anti-HIV rant; why you should care; proposed solutions to the problem and a few jokes.


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