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Estimating the Relative Size

of a proposed designated area:


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Calculation of the Size of a proposed ‘Liberal Values’ Area of the Beach


Method Number One:


            The size of the area of the beach designated for the practice of more liberal Social Values ought to be based on the potential client base. In an attempt to arrive at such a figure, I offer the following table:



All Eligible Voters

Proposition Name:

(representing more ‘Liberal Values’)

Votes ‘in favour’

of the state described in the proposition

Total Voters who responded to the proposition

Percent of Total

 ‘in favour’

P15: Topless Women




P10: Speedos




P8: Male in Thong




P5: Pubic Hair-male




P6: Pubic Hair-female








P9: Poop hole




Table U: Table of Percentages of Votes ‘in favour’ of the described state.


            In the above table, (Table U) we can see that there were 31 votes in favour of Topless Women on the beach, which represents 33% of the 94 voters who responded to this proposition. Similarly, 34% of voters are in favour of Speedos, and 27% are in favour of Males in Thongs.



All Eligible Voters

Proposition Combinations:

Common to Both

(logical AND)

Number of Voters who voted for both propositions

As percentage of (the smaller of ‘Votes in favour’ of each individual Proposition from Table U above)

P8 AND P15



P8 AND P10









P6 AND P15





average= 50%

Table V: Table of Number of Voters who ‘in favour’ of various combinations of described activities (taken from Table U)


            In Table V, above, we can see that there were 15 voters who were in favour of both Proposition number 8 and Proposition number 15 (i.e. fifteen voters were in favour of both ‘Males in Thongs’ and ‘Topless Women’ at the beach). These 15 represents 54% of the 28 votes in favour of P8 (males in thongs). The votes in favour of P8 are chosen because it is smaller than the votes in favour of P15 (31 votes: in Table U).

            In Table V, the column of ‘Number of Voters who voted for both propositions’, we can see the numbers are fairly close and in the next column, to the right, their percentages are roughly, around 50% or half. We can conclude that the number of Voters who vote in favour of any pair of propositions which could be considered as representing ‘more Liberal Values’, is roughly half of those who are in favour of any single proposition.

For a more liberal designated area:

            Of the five ‘Liberal’ propositions listed in Table U, 28% of all eligible voters are, on average, in favour of the state described in the proposition. If roughly half of these will be in favour of any two states, we can conclude that about 14% (i.e. half of 28%) of all eligible voters will be in favour of any two of the states described in the more ‘Liberal’ values.

For a nude designated area:

            As a rough estimate of the potential client base for a Nude Adult Designated Area, if we look at Table U, we see that 20% of voters were in favour of Male Pubic Hair, therefore, it would be reasonable to assume that the support of a nude designated area would be lower than 20%. From Proposition number 16, we can see that 24% of voters were in favour of an adult being nude on a public beach and from Proposition number nine, we can see that 14% of eligible voters were in favour of a swimsuit leaving exposes the poop hole. Using the same method and line of reasoning that we did to determine the potential client base for the more liberal area, above, it would be reasonable to assume that the voter support for a combination of the two propositions (P16 Nude Adult AND P9: Poop Hole) would be about half of the average of the individual propositions. The average of 24% and 14% is 19% and half of that is 9.5%. So we can make a rough estimate of the potential client base for a nude adult designated area of about 9.5% of the total number of beach users.


Method Number Two:


            In the General Comments Section, two females, aged, 15, and 16 commented that they would come topless to the beach if there were a ‘tops-optional’ section. These are two voters from the Teen Female group in the Non-eligible Voters Section. There are 13 people in the Teen Female group, so these two females represent 15% of the total group.





            If there are two rules for the more ‘Liberal’ section of the beach, approximately 14% of all eligible voters on the beach would consider using it. Fifteen percent is the amount of initial expressions of interest as judged from voter comments.

            We should view 15% of the general beach population as an estimated potential client base for a more liberal designated area and 9.5% for an adult nude designated area. These should be considered as an initial estimate.





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